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Side Note! 2/6/2023

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Everything New In DDO 2023 by Strimtom:


Nim Notes



Everything New In DDO 2023


- No new race this year.

- VIP rewards plan is for a growing reward based on how long you sub for once a month.

- There is two new raids, one with mini expansion and one in Q3

- UI scaling has been pushed back to focus on VIP rewards. There is issues with the art in the game with scaling.

- Character model revamp later this year or early next year. Modernizing older character models.

- Working on 2 factor authentication is waiting on work on the DDO store which will allow them to work on the launcher.

- A huge lag patch is coming later this year.

- Reaper system will be changed from trees to a system that rewards the amount of points you have, that can be shared with other party members.  You'll receive rewards and maybe even bonuses every reaper point milestone.


- They are not touching AC.


- They are aware of the imbue dice threat problem, they are working on it.



Posted : Monday, February 6, 2023 6:58 pm