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Nim Notes 6/21/2024

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Nim Notes



Weekly Coupon
Free Secret Door Divining Rod
Coupon Code: SEEKRETS
Now through June 27th!




Fridays @ 4



- Lamannia preview of content for Myth Drannor next week! 3 quests or so!


- Tuesday is the last chance to getting your mount from the Year of the Dragon! Next is the Hatchling pet.


- July 1st (if you started the month of start) VIP rewards brings us a VIP Bag of Many Things


- Hopefully the Lamannia after next will preview of the loot from Myth Drannor








- Monster Madness! Get 25% off: Select Monster Manuals, Slayer Boosts, Select Pet Certificates, and Tricks Companion, and Pet Renames Now through June 27th!


- This week, get: 30% off +8 Stat Tomes, 50% off Select Hirelings, 50% off Select Cosmetics, 75% off Select Companion Gear, Now through June 27th!


- Update 68.0.1 was released today to address some bugs. Read the release notes on


- Summer Sales Continue! Get special deals each week through July 11th! This week, get: 30% off +8 Stat Tomes 50% off Select Hirelings 50% off Select Cosmetics 75% off Select Companion Gear Now through June 27th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Daily Dice XP, now through June 23rd!

Posted : 06/21/2024 4:47 pm