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Nim Notes 5/24/2024

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Nim Notes


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Free Lasting Heroism Potion x5
Now through May 30th!





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- Wild Magic & Surges


- Wild Mage Sorcerer Archetype







- Programming note: There will not be a Fridays at Four today on Twitch. See you next week! - Cordovan


- Live, Laugh, Loot! Get 20% off: Raid Bypass Timers, Select Fate and Destiny Tomes, Wish for Memories Now through May 30th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a Buddy Weekend! Get +10% XP for every member in your party (not raid group) now through May 27th!


- Make sure to pick up your free expansion pack through May 28th! The next Year of the Dragon gift arrives on May 29th. Read more on


- Lamannia is now open with the first preview of the Wild Mage archetype and Wild Magic! Read more in the Lamannia forums:


- A position is open to join us as a Games Designer II on the Dungeons & Dragons Online team! Read more about this opening here, and good luck to all applicants:




Posted : 05/24/2024 2:30 pm