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Nim Notes 3/1/2024

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Nim Notes




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- Some bugs are being actively investigated.


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- No Patch today.






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Anniversary Event Expansion clues!

Map of Ancient Ruins:


- Elven Proclamation: Elves of the Realms,

  We bring glorious news. Myth Drannor will be reborn!


While evil still lurks in the ruins, we have overall control of the site and have started our rebuilding program.

In no more than a few decades, the ancient jewel of Cormanthyr will once again be the vital center of our culture!


Come to the forest of Cormanthor and help us rebuild - and help us hold off the scavengers who seek to loot our heritage


-  Adventure's Notes

  the Elves at Myth Drannor are planning a crackdown. Soon no one will be able to enter the ruins without permission and an escort.


If we want to use the map, then we need to go now. We must find the Key to the Mythal!


- Harper's assessment:

 Based on our last report, the ruins are extremely hazardous.


A variety of evil creatures still remain. Some of these come from portals to other places and planes that open and close unexpectedly.


And the area is still rife with wild magic zones. I would give a more detailed assessment, but my informant was unexpectedly turned into a potted plant.


- Unsigned Note: (Obviously the Red Wizards of Thay.)

Prepare an expedition. We must head tom the forest of Cormanthor immediately.


We have obtained information that may give us control of a Mythal. With my plans, that will control over much of the Realms.


For the glory of the lich lord, and all of Thay!


Posted : 03/01/2024 6:03 pm