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Nim Notes 5/3/2024

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Nim Notes


Weekly Coupon
Free Remove Negative Level Potion x5
Now through May 9th!



Fridays @ 4


- the Year of the Dragon vendor is working now!


- They will extend the Curate the expack about a week, the official time will be announce later. 


- Lamannia news in the next couple of weeks, which will include some of the prepurchase of Myth Drannor. Later in the month, maybe. There will be some previews of something that hasn't been announced yet.






- Store More Loot! Get 25% off: Select Character Bank Space, Select Shared Banks, Deposit Box, Plat Storage, Select Inventory Space, Select Bags Now through May 9th!


- This is your final weekend for Double Bonus Points! Get twice the Bonus Points in the DDO Store through May 5th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a Champion Hunter Week and Double Commendations of Valor, now through May 8th!


- Get a free expansion as part of our Year of the Dragon celebration! Read more about this newest gift on


- The VIP Loyalty Reward Program has arrived! Read more about new gifts for VIPs on and get your first gift today!


- The Update 67.2.1 Release Notes can be found on



Posted : 05/03/2024 5:02 pm