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Nim Notes 4/12/2024

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Nim Notes



Weekly Coupon
Free Lasting Potion of Resist Acid (+20) x5
Now through April 18th!



Fridays @ 4



-  VIP Loyalty Rewards program was announced this week, will start May 1st in the "morning".   (Link in twitter section)


- The list will grow over time.


- Sentient XP in the VIP Loyalty Program will be upped significantly.


- VIP bags are one per account. Items will be BTA.


- the trail from the loyalty program may or may not work with wing toggles, they will work with footprints.


- Patch in a couple of weeks to round up some things before going on to U68. Part of this is some work on the sound crashing bug that has been here since Isle of Dread.


- Severlin is coming to the show at some point in the near future, plus another DEVs also want to chat about the making of a quest in U67.







  Cordovan: One update: We will be doing away with the requirement that you remain VIP in order to summon/use the trail or mount, once you've acquired it, it's yours.




  Cordovan: Sorry, folks, I spoke incorrectly based on not being up to speed on a point of the VIP Loyalty Reward program, and I want to correct that now:

The VIP Loyalty Reward Program does indeed continue on past the 12th reward; the plan is to continue to add to the reward list over time. So, once you've acquired the 12th reward, you will be eligible for the 13th reward the following month.









- Make Your Mark on the World! Get 20% off: Select Marks, Crafting Success Boosters, Cannith Essences, Collectables Crates Now through April 18th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you +25% Crafting XP, now through April 14th!


- Introducing our VIP Loyalty Reward Program!


- The Update 67.1 Release Notes can be found on




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