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Nim Notes 6/28/2024

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Nim Notes




Weekly Coupon
Free Sun Flasks x25
Now through July 4th!



Fridays @ 4



- Big Sales news coming next Thursday!





- Get the Dragon Hatchling Pet added to your account for FREE in the latest Year of the Dragon Gift! Read more on


- Make Your Mark on the World! Get 30% off: Select Marks, Crafting Success Boosters, Cannith Essences Collectables Crates Now through July 4th!


- Summer Sales Continue! Get special deals each week through July 11th! This week, get: 30% off Tabaxi Race 50% off Razorclaw Shifter Iconic Hero 50% off Tome of Universal Enhancement Tree Action Points +1 75% off Tomes of Fate Now through July 4th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +40% Challenge Rewards Boost, now through June 30th!


- Our Lamannia public preview server has now opened with a first look at a few of the quests coming with Magic of Myth Drannor! Read more in the Lamannia forums:

- The game worlds have reopened. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for today's longer than expected downtime.


- A group of players are organizing their own Hardcore-like experience for July! Read more in the DDO Forums:


Posted : 06/28/2024 4:40 pm