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Nim Notes 4/19/2024

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Nim Notes



Weekly Coupon
Free Lasting Aid Potion x5
Coupon Code: AIDPOTION
Now through April 25th!




Fridays @ 4



- Patch U67.2 next week!


-Next week starts the next month of the Year of the Dragon! So pick up the Gift of the Silver Dragon before its up!


- During Curate your xpack: you get to pick one expansion pack for free (except Vecna Unleash and only the ddo store version not market bundles), if you have them all you get 1 Elixir of Discovery.


- Friendly reminder May 1st is the beginning of the new VIP Loyalty Rewards program! Violet Peregrim (spelling errors may occur) in the Hall of Heroes (Eberron)


-  To be clear the Loyalty Program is not on a 1-12 month cycle, it will continue to 13th month. It is NOT  a Yearly cycle log in reward program but a track, so there will be months 13-24 added. The bonuses shown isn't necessarily going to repeat less they don't have a good idea for a month.


- SSG still has intentions of bringing the Bottle of Mist back in the future, no time given though.


-  Also a reminder that the electric trail and the cloud mount in the new VIP Loyalty Program will be yours once claimed even if you lose VIP. Also Cordovan said that these may be previewed in a future Lamannia!


- The second hint of the year was kinda dropped today on a new race and Iconic coming with Myth Drannor.


- They are Analyzing Argonessen sever to see what is causing the increase of lag since last update.





Main Web Page:

- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +40% Challenge Rewards Boost, now through April 21st!








- Improve Your Character! Get 30% off: Select Stat and Skill Tomes, Tomes of Heroic and Epic Learning, Select Enhancement Trees Now through April 25th!


- Read more about a new log in reward for VIPs starting May 1st!


- There is still time to claim your free Adventure Pack! Read more about the latest Year of the Dragon gift and make sure to claim it through April 23rd:


- VIPs get free Gold Rolls every day through April 23rd! Read more about the latest Year of the Dragon gift on


- DDO's Community Manager Cordovan was this week's guest on the DDO Players News podcast! You can listen to the show on





Sorry for being late today, I suddenly been dealing with Panic Disorder and trying to do my darnest to get back to 100%.


And Always catch me live on twitch daily here

Posted : Friday, April 19, 2024 9:58 pm