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Nim Notes 2/10/2023

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Fridays @ 4:

PAX East DDO Survey:

Hardcore League Season 7 Leaderboards:

SSG Job Link:

Nim Notes


Fridays @ 4:


- The presentation “Dungeons & Dragons Online: How game devs build dungeons LIVE!” will take place from 2:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern (-5 GMT) on Thursday, March 23rd from the PAX East Albatross Theatre (Room 210). Community meetup that Thursday, time and location tbd , swag will be there and at the panel, no badge needed for the meet up, it will be at the bar so the meet up will be for 21+ Adults. Cordovan will be moderating and Nohbob, Torc, Artemist and Tolero will be on the panel.


- The survey for their panel is up! posted in the links above, it will ask two questions to help the Devs build a dungeon for their panel presentation.


-40% challenge reward boost through February 12th!


- HC season 7 ended , after party ends March 7th.

- Daily Dice will now be off during after parties from now on.


- Free transfers Sarlona/Orien through February 28th


- A noticeable amount of characters have moved from Ghallanda to Orien, the Devs are keeping an eye on it. Most of these appear to be bank toon transfers most likely. Though they will react if the transfers get really bad.


- No show next two Fridays, Cordovan will be gone for 2 weeks, by then u58 will be released. Released date is aimed for "February 22nd" and anniversary event as well, basically the week after next.


- New cordovan fight this year in Anniversary event


- Anniversary event will run for two weekends, probably running through March 5th.


- DDO will be giving away a free cosmetic armor once per day at the Genie in House Phiarlan.


- u58 will contain 1 free quest and 3 free archetypes with some bug fixes.


- job open in SSG for a Senior Designer for world building. Link above.


- Lamannia 3 for U58 next week, this will be the final preview

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