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Nim Notes 2/3/2023

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Fridays @ 4 :



Nim Notes


Fridays @ 4:


- Hardcore Season 7 end on February 7th and shortly after the After Party starts! this is slated to run through March 7th!


- Snowpeaks runs through February 12th


- February 8th Orien/Sarlona free transfers start through February 28th. Check out their transfer guide if this interests you!


- Lamannia preview three will be open the week following next.


- U58 is slated to open shortly before the Anniversary (February 28th)


- PAX East news: The Devs will be presenting a panel about how they build dungeons, they will be releasing a poll we all can take part of to help them brainstorm of dungeons for this. It will likely be live streamed (maybe even by me) not clear on the exact date but it wont be on Sunday (March 26th). The Meet up will be on the same day.


- Forum Update coming "pretty soon", around the first half of 2023.


- Fridays @ 4 will be doing an anniversary stream and a talk with Tolero in the near future.


- There will be 1 updated raid (Quarter 3) and 1 new raid (mini expansion) coming this year!

Posted : Friday, February 3, 2023 8:53 pm