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Nim Notes 4/26/2024

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Nim Notes



Weekly Coupon
Free Lasting Potion of Jump (+20) x5
Now through May 2nd!




Fridays @ 4




-  May 1st VIP Loyalty program starts, sign up kicks in right away. First Month Bonus starts June 1st!


- Electrical Trail may or may not work with wing cosmetics.


- Tuesday/Wednesday next week there will be a Hotfix to fix the Year of the Dragon and Farshifter issues.


-  Sentient XP Gem in the VIP Bag is going to be worth 6,000 XP









- Monster Madness! Get 30% off: Select Monster Manuals, Slayer Boosts, Select Pet Certificates, and Tricks Companion, and Pet Renames Now through May 2nd!


- Double Bonus Points is back! Get twice the Bonus Points in the DDO Store through May 5th.


- DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Mysterious Remnants through April 28th! Get twice the chance for Remnants to appear when defeating Champions.


- We have temporarily disabled Xatheral, the Year of the Dragon NPC in the Eberron Hall of Heroes, while we investigate a bug with reward delivery. We will have more information on the timing and availability of April's Year of the Dragon gift soon.


- We're extending VIP daily Gold Rolls for Daily Dice through April 28th! Originally extended through the 26th, we're keeping it going through Sunday. Enjoy!


- The Update 67.2 Release Notes can be found on

Posted : Friday, April 26, 2024 3:12 pm