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Nim Notes 5/31/2024

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Nim Notes



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Fridays @ 4



-  They are investigating voice chat bug.


- Next patch will come as soon as it can, maybe not next Wednesday!


- Teaser trailer for Myth Drannor in the works!










- We're getting ready for an invitation-only preview on Monday and a public preview on Tuesday for the next race and Iconic Hero coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online! Read more in the Lamannia forums:


- Build For Success! Get 30% off: Wish for Memories, Tomes of Learning, Action Point Tomes, Enhancement Trees Now through June 6th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +10 Treasure Hunter Boost, now through June 2nd!


- We have extended the April Year of the Dragon claim window through Tuesday, June 4th! Speak to Xatheral's NPC assistant named Trilliya in the Eberron Hall of Heroes. Trilliya will allow players to claim April's "Curate Your Xpack Cache" if they have not already received it.


- Update 67.3 has been released! Read the release notes on


- The newest Year of the Dragon gift is now available! Get your Ground Bound Green Dragon Mount by speaking with Xatheral in the Eberron Hall of Heroes through June 25th!



Posted : 05/31/2024 4:54 pm