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Nim Notes 1/28/2023

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Severlin Q&A - Fridays @ 4:



Nim Notes!



Fridays @ 4:


- Lamannia U58 preview 2 coming soon, no exact date.


- There was a tease on an audience participation ordeal for SSG's PAX East appearance.


- Vecna Unleashed mini expansion prepurchase opens April, no specific day.

- This mini expansion will have a raid.


- Talks about expanding on ViP benefits included mentioning a possible month-to-month gift, though there is no commitment to any of these ideas just in case they do not go through with these plans. This would be account based not server.


- Reaper trees are heavy on the system, so it was mentioned simplifying the trees, we would lose choice but gain performance. Also the ability for leaders of a group could share their reaper power, promoting people with higher reaper points to make groups. But this plan tends to sit on the top of the to do list that gets pushed back.


- News "soon" about the Orien Sarlona transfers.


- Level cap increase model is every 2 years currently, so no level increase is planned for this year.


- Possible new universal tree and epic destiny.


-  it has been admitted that it's expensive to make a new race, they are more focus on archetype classes.


- Iconic Completionist wasn't even on their radar but hopefully after this stream it is known that it is desired by the community.


- They havent yet started their UI scaling revamp but will be looking into it after the ViP expanding.


- They mentioned that the Droam will be updated and the theme was intriguing for them to revisit. The pack that is definitely getting worked on is Attack on Stormreach.


- Store updates early this summer, and two factor mid to late year.


- Hirelings all have different AI and some are less effective than others.

Posted : Saturday, January 28, 2023 7:54 pm