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Nim Notes 12/29/2023 End of the Year!

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Nim Notes


Weekly Coupon
Free Elixir of Angel's Tears
Now through January 4th!





- This is your final weekend to get the Tenser's Weapon Box! Available in the DDO Store through January 2nd.


- The final weekend of the year brings you a big XP boost! Get +10% Heroic and Epic XP along with +15% VIP XP through December 31st!


- Programming note: There will not be a Fridays at Four today on Twitch. See you next week!


- Get a Boost! Get 30% off: Sovereign XP, Elixirs Treasure Hunter Elixirs, Long Lasting Supreme Ability Potions Now through January 4th!


- This is your final week of December Deals! Now through January 4th, get: 35% off Hirelings, 50% off Slayer Boosts, 75% off Omnispell Stones and Dust


- Otto's Boxes are back! Find Otto's Boxes in the DDO Store through January 2nd!


- Double Bonus Points is back! Get twice the Bonus Points in the DDO Store through January 2nd!


- Get discounts on expansions in the DDO Market! Now through January 2nd, get: 50% off Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, 60% off Fables of the Feywild, 80% off Masterminds of Sharn and the Expansion Trove



Posted : Friday, December 29, 2023 4:25 pm