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Nim Notes 2/16/2024

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Nim Notes



Weekly Coupon
Free Jeweler's Toolkit
Coupon Code: UNSLOT
Now through February 22nd!





- Later this month the Dragon Lord will debut for free! Find out more about this and other free gifts in celebration of the Year of the Dragon on


- Programming note: There will not be a Fridays at Four today on - see you next week!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you +5% Reaper XP, now through February 19th!


- Improve Your Character! Get 25% off: Select Stat and Skill Tomes Tomes of Heroic and Epic Learning Select Enhancement Trees Now through February 22nd!


- Now through February 18th! Use the Coupon Code FREEDDO2024 to get a trove of free quests, and find select 99-point expansions in the DDO Store! Read more on


- The DDO Players Council is accepting new applications! Read more about the DDO Players Council on and find out how to apply:



Posted : 02/16/2024 5:36 pm