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Nim Notes 1/26/2024

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Nim Notes



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- Programming note: There will not be a Fridays at Four today. See you next week!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you +20% Guild Renown, now through January 28th!


- Make Your Mark on the World! Get 30% off: Select Marks, Crafting Success Boosters, Cannith Essences, & Collectables Crates Now through February 1st!


- The Mechanized and Underdark Patron's Coffers are back for a limited time! Available in the DDO Store through February 1st! Read about the Mechanized Patron Coffer and Underdark Patron Coffer on


- The Snowpeaks Festival has returned! Available through February 6th. Read more about this event on


- Dungeons and Dragons Online’s systems designer talks about the epic destiny refresh


- There is still time to redeem the FREEDDO2024 Coupon Code and get tons of free quests! ALSO: Select 99 point expansions in the DDO Store! Get more info here: Available through February 11th.



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