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Nim Notes 2/2/2024

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Nim Notes





Fridays @ 4


- Lamannia of U66 and U67 (Epic Destiny work, adventure pack and a bunch of other things) next week!


- Anniversary Dungeon and U66 is at the same time at the end of February!


- PAX East Meetup may be announced in the next month!


- Next Week the big reveal of the Year of the Dragon will happen and shortly after the VIP Release!


- VIP List is being worked on as this is being typed. Probably go live later on, more closer to Q2.


- Year of the Dragfon will be fully revealed on Feb 7th, and first claim around the 28th. There should be a redeem page related to these claimable on the DDO website with a little tid bit of the claimable. You should have a month to claim the reward before it is unavailable.





- Honor Your Guld! Get 25% off: Astral Shards Guild Renown Elixirs Get 50% off: Guild Charters Guild Airship Beacons Now through February 8th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +40% Challenge Rewards Boost, now through February 4th!


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