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Nim Notes 1/19/2024

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Lamannia u66 Preview Epic Destiny Pass:

Lamannia u66 Preview Dragon Lord:

Lamannia U66 Preview AOE Range:

Lamannia u66 Preview Tooltip Overhaul:

Lamannia U66 Preview Release Notes:

Lamannia u67 Preview Fred's First Date Quest:





Nim Notes


Weekly Coupon
Free Critical Inflict Wounds Potion x25
Coupon Code: CRITPOT
Now through January 25th!



Fridays @ 4



-  Tonquin was on today to talk about the Lamannia Preview! Links to Lamannia Notes are linked above!


- Next Wednesday Snowpeaks Returns!


- Another Lamannia targeted for early February.







- DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Daily Dice XP, now through January 21st!


- Live, Laugh, Loot! Get 20% off: Raid Bypass timers, Select Fate and Destiny Tomes, Wish for Memories Now through January 25th!


- The Mechanized and Underdark Patron's Coffers have returned! Available in the DDO Store through February 1st! Mechanized: Underdark:


- Our Free Questing Coupon is available to redeem through February 11th! Get all the details here: Don't miss it!




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