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Nim Notes 12/15/2023

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Nim Notes



Weekly Coupon
Free White Abishai Cookie
Coupon Code: COOKIE
Now through December 21st!




Fridays @ 4



- Last Fridays @ 4 for 2023!


- Specials Sales now through January 4th!


- Next Thursday will have some "Deep Sales"! Stay Tuned!


- Next Patch planning for January!


- They got the whole SSG squad focusing on DDO's 2024.


- Producer's Letter planned, vaguely, around the Anniversary Event!








- Festivult continues! Read more about this seasonal event in Dungeons & Dragons Online on


- Episode 8 of The Joy of Deving with Bob Hess is now on YouTube! The playlist is available here:


- Improve Your Character! Get 30% off: Select Stat and Skill Tomes Tomes of Heroic and Epic Learning Select Enhancement Trees Now through December 21st!


- The Mechanized Patron Coffer is available through December 20th! Learn more on


- December Deals continues! Now through December 21st, get: 35% off Tomes of Destiny 50% off Tomes of Universal Enhancement Tree Action Points +1 (Sharn) 75% off Tomes of Fate


- DDO Bonus Days bring you +20% Guild XP, now through December 17th!


- The Update 65.1 Release Notes can be found on


- The 9th Season of the Hardcore League is now underway! Read more about the season on

Posted : Friday, December 15, 2023 4:48 pm