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Nim Notes 1/12/2024

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Nim Notes




Weekly Coupon
Free Moderate Heal Potion x10
Coupon Code: MODHEAL
Now through January 18th!




Fridays @ 4


- The Year of the Dragon will have something cool every month, a lot of it will be dragon themes, features and gifts. Every month is different. Full Announcement in February 7th. Features and Commemorative.


- Free DDO Quest Coupon and 99 DDO Point Expansions packs now through February 11th. Information links below.


- Myth Drannor, level increase to 34, pre sale in June.


- VIP Program, Spring Released, some changes!


- ED Balance Pass, buffing some, weakening others, fixing UI. Lamannia soon for some of it. 


- January 24 Snowpeaks


- Quarter 2 Spring Quest Packs will be more on the fun side.


- New Raid in Quarter 3, this one will be part of the expansion.


- New Night Revels Dungeon this year.


- At least two archetypes this year.


- No other Hardcore this year, besides the current one, maybe.


- Lamannia preview for a Year Of Dragon Feature and ED Work, and maybe the dragon themed archetype next week or after. The things in Lamannia this year might preview from mixed Updates. 


- The Bottle of Mist has had an Authorization check issue which is preventing them from re releasing it, but they are working on it!


-  New Reaper Wing colors are on the table, SSG would like to see what colors you'd like!


- Reaper Enhancement Pass is not on the table this year as of right now.







  Tolero on Dragon Archetype: I’m still catching up on the thread but as best I can tell no one has guessed the first one (I’m still reading though so someone could have guessed deeper in the thread). You won’t have to wait too long though, it’ll be on Lamannia soon.

   Tolero on Dynamic Event 2024: After being driven back so successfully, the Illithid’s are reconsidering their approach. They weren’t expecting your world to be as capable of deterring them. Unless their Elder Brain is defeated though, they are ultimately still a threat.

   Tolero on bottle of Mist: This one is in progress and I’m hoping to have it early in the year. Getting it to work turned out to be more complex than we thought (delivering the item was easy, but getting the teleporting interface to then respect more than one source of “I got ravenloft access” turned out to need more engineering).



  Cordovan on DDO Store Downtime: The DDO Store is currently unavailable while we resolve an access issue. We will keep you updated.






- DDO Bonus Days bring you a Strength in Numbers weekend! Get +5% XP for every member in your party or raid group through January 14th!


- Get Tools of the Trade! Get 25% off: Augment Bags, Select Augments Jeweler's and Sentience Toolkits, Greensteel Extractors Now through January 18th!


- Our Free Questing Coupon has returned through February 11th! Get more information on


- A Look at 2024, Year of the Dragon! Read our new Producer's Letter on



Posted : Friday, January 12, 2024 4:55 pm