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Nim Notes 9/29/2023

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Nim Notes



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Fridays @ 4


- U62 and Night Revels is targeted for next week.


- Pax East 2023 Dungeon is targeted to be released at the end of the year.


- Revamp Chronoscope is still scheduled for this year. They want to get it out "soon"


- U63 will be some secrets to unlock 4 challenge dungeons, end game extreme challenge. You'll have to hunt down clues to unlock them.


- Next Archetype Class will be a Barbarian one, probably next year.


- Red Reaper Steed, Spectral Pseudodragon pet, Candies coming back with new effect, and new cosmetics


- No new dungeon challenge for Night Revels this year, but def next.


- Reaper Tree Revamp now targeted for next year


- 2FA has been delayed due to a snag.


-  New races are expensive for SSG so it will be awhile before they get to making new ones.


- Characters with years of questing information may increase certain loading screen lag, this is also why we wont get more bag space







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Posted : Friday, September 29, 2023 3:59 pm