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Nim Notes 10/6/2023

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Nim Notes




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 SSGBranding : We have discovered an issue regarding the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar quest and have disabled it. We apologize for the interruption at this time.



Steelstar: If you do not feel the candies are your flavor of choice this year, I would strongly advise not spending time farming for them nor spending the candies you have on them! It sounds like many of you would prefer to do something else with that time and those ingredients this time around, and the very best thing you can do in that situation is follow that gut instinct. Flavors may be different next time around.



 Torc: It should do +20% damage. We think the damage might actually be happening here but the tool tip is bugged... but either way we'll fix it and it'll do +20% damage. 



Steelstar: My understanding is that as neither of those provided +[w] before this update, they did not gain any % in the changes, leaving them exactly as they were previously.

That doesn't necessarily mean they don't need to change in the future as a point of overall balance, but at the moment I believe this was intentional.



Cordovan: I wanted to confirm before posting it, but yes, we will be offering a Legendary version of Chronoscope in addition to the existing versions in Heroic and Epic difficulty. All three difficulties will be available.




This week saw the release of Update 62: Attack of the Night Revels! The release notes have more information about class updates and other balance changes as well:


- Programming note: There will not be a Friday's at Four today on See you next week!


- Night Revels has returned with new rewards! Our guide can be found on Available through October 31st!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you +25% Guild Renown, now through October 8th!


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- See a dungeon get made live starting at 5pm Eastern today! Episode 3 of The Joy of Deving with Bob Hess returns to!


- Night Revels has arrived! Read our guide on Available through October 31st!


Posted : Friday, October 6, 2023 9:19 am