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Nim Notes 9/1/2023

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Nim Notes




Weekly Coupon

Free Greater Experience Elixir

Coupon Code: GREATERXP

Now through September 7th!



Fridays @ 4:



- Raid can possibly debut the week after next.


- Gold Rolls may start, actually, in the afternoon of the 7th of September.


- No ETA on the New VIP program.


- September 14th brings back Crystal Cove for a two weekend run!


- Late September will have Lamannia for something cryptic coming to the game!


- Cordovan kept mentioning there is something he didn't want to leak about Vecna Unleashed, he didnt want to steal someone else's thunder.


- The DDO store has problems accepting payments from people who use VPN or who are traveling, they match the IP address and the cards address and such to prevent fraud purchases. They are working on this, Cordovan did mention trying to use Paypal as an alternative if this is an issue for you.





- Here's the first episode of The Joy of Deving w/Bob Hess! Nohbob gets started, explains what's up, and makes an NPC!



- Free Daily Gold Rolls for VIPs - September 8th through October 10th! VIP players get free daily Gold Rolls on Daily Dice from September 8th through October 10th!



- Double Bonus Points is back! Get twice the Bonus Points in the DDO Store through September 10th! 



- Get Tools of the Trade! Get 25% off: Augment Bags Select Augments Jeweler's and Sentience Toolkits Greensteel Extractors Now through September 7th! 



- Otto's Boxes are now available for a limited time! Find Heroic, Epic, and Improved Otto's Boxes in the DDO Store through September 10th!



- DDO Bonus Days bring you +100% Guild Renown, now through September 4th!



- The Update 61.0.2 release notes can be found on

Posted : Friday, September 1, 2023 3:59 pm