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Nim Notes 9/8/2023

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Nim Notes



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- On track to release the 61.1 patch this coming week. This will come with the new Raid for the mini expansion and some bug fixes, like a few things interrupting range attacks and more


- Cordovan said there was other hints about the mysterious image posted by DDO's social media. He mentioned, " If you were psychic you could be doing it now. If some people picked up on my first hint" But to my information I dont know the "first" hint


- Crystal Cove is making it's come back next week


- Cordovan mentioned there will be a lamannia in the near future for some future content.


- Revamp old raid still on the docket for this year.


- There was supposed to be a quest pack released this year, instead they're doing "something else" but in the same scope of a quest pack.








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Posted : Friday, September 8, 2023 4:00 pm