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Nim Notes 6/16/2023

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Nim Notes




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Fridays @ 4:


-  Raptor and Panther mounts will have a dance in the near future.


- They are theoretically can have the under dark supporter pack come back but do not have plans for it. Though other supporter packs will be in the future.


- First Lamannia preview is next week, macro technic in particular and some of the prepurchase stuff for Vecna Unleashed (u61). The week following is a second Lamannia (subject to change) [Might well change]. Then week off, then further previews in July.


- There will be benefits for artificer and warforged in macro technic but there is also general benefits.There will be Rune Arm benefits in Macro Technic.


-  July is the target month for u60.


-  All character bank space is additive, so new supporter packs that will or might have storage WILL add to your current max.


- Panther mount can be bugged into a Sabre tooth, showing the base model and most likely an easy mount they could release. But nothing official on that yet.


-They would like to update class premade paths, not to make them overpowered but to make them more modern.


- U61 will come with an update to an old raid!


DDO Discord:

DDO Discord:


- (Steelstar, SSG Arch Dev in the discord) So, unrelated to the upcoming Destiny itself. One of the things coming in the next preview is a balance adjustment on Rune Arms. All of them. I did changes to shot spreads, did adjustments to make proper homing more linekly across the board, increased projectile speed, and brought all Rune Arms to a standard of damage on their shots. (This standard of damage was a nerf for one, neutral for a few, and a BIG buff for the majority of Rune Arms). AOE Rune Arms do less damage than Single(ish) target ones, but most AOE Rune Arms were actually so far behind single(ish) target ones that it's still a massive buff compared to where they were


(Steelstar) Blast shape is more like... Force and Acid Rune Arms were still using the exceptionally WIDE fan of shots that was difficult to use in a lot of hallway content. That's now a much more narrow spread.


(a fellow player) Was the tovens hammer shot fixed to not shot 2 inches and explode and never hit anything?it always hits the floor, even when aimed stright up


(Steelstar) OH! Thanks for the reminder. I made all Rune Arm projectiles about the same size in this pass too, so that should stop being an issue. Light Spirals was the worst one in that regard. Things may still need some tweaking after Lamannia, but I think it's gonna be a good overall direction.
(Steelstar on Rune Arms being craftable) The short version is

Our modern item construction routes may not play perfectly nice with stripping Rune Arms for cannith crafting. It's possible we could work on a pipeline that would let some work with it, but it's not necessarily cheap so we've been treating Rune Arms like regular named items since.



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