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Nim Notes 6/23/2023

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U60 Preview:
U60 Monster AI Changes:
U60 Harbor Tavern Update:
U60 Rune Arm Shot Changes:
Machrotechnic Epic Destiny:
U60 Dungeon Alert Changes:
U60 XP debacle (its pretty not good):
U60 Preview of Preview 2 Lammania XP Changes:

Nim Notes

Fridays @ 4

- Cordovan and Steelstar had a chat about Machrotechnic, Rune Arms

- Speed Drive will also include Doublestrike

- Armor of Legends is bugged on Lamannia and should last longer

- Machrotechnic is a arcane destiny with a martial past life

- Stay tuned for sonic rune arms!

- There is discussion on the placing of max caster level in epic destiny abilities, but there isnt anything about going back to the old epic destinies

- Maybe things about arty dogs, druid dogs and etc in epic destinies in the near future but not in Machrotechnic.

- Cordovan showed a graphic for the mini expansion planned to be released in U61

- Lamannia preview 2 of U60 should be next week.

- the week after preview 2 is a week off for 4th of july then a 3rd Lamannia preview for u60.

- DDO store is being worked on!

- Hardcore League reminder! It's still live till July 18th!


The Forums:

Torc responded to an issue on Lamannia with some barbarian enhancments,

Torc and Cordovan responds to everyone's worries about the xp nerf suggestion on this Lamannia preview!

Forum Log In issue has been Resolved!

There are people who are expressing issues with buying DDO points, here is a suggestions by Cordovan!

New XP proposal posted today!


- Rise Again! Get 25% off:
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Healing Items
Spell Point Potions
Quest XP Elixirs
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- Summer Sales Continue!
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- The Underdark Patron's Coffer is available through June 28th!
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- DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Daily Dice! Get twice the Daily Dice XP through June 25th!
ALSO: Get a +10 Treasure Hunter Boost through June 25th!

- The DDO Forums now offer player-selected forum titles! Change it through your profile page: Might need to refresh your browser cookies to see it display.

- Lamannia is now open with a first look at Macrotechnic, Rune Arm changes and more! Read more in the Lamannia forums:

Posted : 06/23/2023 5:06 pm