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Nim Notes 3/25/2023

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Nim Notes


PAX East and the Meet-Up 3/23/2023


-  A new code to receive ALL quest packs have been released, this code is DUNGEONCRAWL


- A Deal with a Dragon and Cats won the polls for the Dev's Dungeon building panel. You can vote for a Dev's Dungeon with the link provided above.


- MOTU, Shadowfell, Ravenloft and Sharn expansions are available for 99 DDO points each through 11:59pm Eastern (-4 GMT) April 23rd, 2023


- Weekend Bonus 30% Crafting XP +10 Treasure Hunter through March 26


-  Droam revamp update may get pushed up in production and the Vecna mini expansion may be pushed down in production.



Fridays @ 4 3/24/2023


- No Lamannia planned next week, but maybe the week after with some performance and ED updates.


- VIP update has no official launch date but it's being actively worked on.


- There is a little Steam promotion for DDO in the pipelines.




- Hack and Stash! Get 20% off: Slayer Boosts Loot Boosts and Treasure Hunter Elixirs Select Shared Storage Now through March 30th!

Posted : Saturday, March 25, 2023 7:42 pm