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Nim Notes 4/7/2023

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Nim Notes


Fridays @ 4


- Cordovan showed a bit of the new forum today, though there was an issue with the stream that ultimately had the vod deleted.


- Due to the VoD being deleted this is all the news I can gather but he has shown some nice options being added to the new forum.




- Lamannia opened up for a preview of some U59 and U60 content. Also a performance fix was being tested!


- A dev went on record and in forums to explain some of behind the scenes stuff, find it here:




- Sorry folks about the technical issues for today's livestream. Looks like both the video on demand and attempted Highlight won't play due to a "processing error". We'll try it again next time. Thanks for those who saw it. - Cordovan


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a Champion Hunter Week and Double Commendations of Valor, now through April 12th!


- This is your final weekend to get Otto's Boxes in the DDO Store! Available through April 9th.


- Ride to Glory! Get 25% off: Select Mounts, Mirrors of Glamering and Glamered Weapon Auras, Keep on the Borderlands Bonus Items, White Plume Mountain Bonus Items Now through April 13th!


- Otto's Boxes remain available in the DDO Store through April 9th!


- Get tons of quests for free and find four of our expansions for only 99 points in the DDO Store through April 23rd! Get the Coupon Code for free questing and learn more here:



A Note From Nimvind


- I will be moving next Friday, I may or may not be able to do Nim Notes from my phone. Either way I'm not sure if I will be capable of doing Nim Notes on time and don't know how soon I will be in game again. I'll be missing ya till then 😀

Posted : Friday, April 7, 2023 6:58 pm