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Ganiaskee's Hardcore S06 HantarCool build

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"The Hantar'kul, meaning "Blood Hunters", are a group of Vulkoory drow tribes near Stormreach.
These drow are very fearful of foreigners coming to Xen'drik. They are very active in attacking adventurers from Khorvaire. They also will attack any weak settlements that they can find." - Reference Eberron Wiki
My main goal for this build was to get as much survivability as possible and use the Feydark Illusionist tree to skip farming for a weapon too often. The Shadowblade short swords scale as you level up and they are your BFF all the way to level 32.

CLASS: Paladin 14 / Ranger 6

RACE: Drow

RELIGION: Follower of Vulkoor

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good


I bought a +7 supreme tome.

Starting Drow Elf point build: Str 8 ~ Dex 10 ~ Con 14 ~ Int 12 ~ Wis 8 ~ Cha 20. I took a mix of constitution and charisma as I leveled up to have equal numbers at level 20.



Max UMD, Balance, Heal, 1 Tumble, 1 Perform and I balanced Intimidate and Diplomacy.


Level 1 Ranger(1) Magical Training + Favored Enemy (Fey)

Take 1 AP as soon as possible for Shield of Whirling Steel in the Tempest Ranger for the “free” Two Weapon Fighting feat then aim for Illusory Weapon in the Feydark Illusionist tree.

Level 2 Paladin(1) Follower of Vulkoor

Level 3 Paladin(2) Force of Personality

Level 4 Paladin(3) This level is game changing on Hardcore with the Sacred Defender tree. The Sacred Defense stance is your BFF from now on.

Level 5 Ranger(2)

Level 6 Ranger(3) Two Weapon Defense

Level 7 Ranger(4)

Level 8 Ranger(5) Favored Enemy (Construct)

Level 9 Ranger(6) Weapon Focus: Piercing Weapons

Level 10 Paladin(4)

Level 11 Paladin(5)

Level 12 Paladin(6) Vulkoor’s Avatar & Improved Critical Piercing

Level 13 Paladin(7)

Level 14 Paladin(8)

Level 15 Paladin(9) Power Critical

Level 16 Paladin(10)

Level 17 Paladin(11)

Level 18 Paladin(12) Precision

Level 19 Paladin(13)

Level 20 Paladin(14)

Level 21 Greater Two Weapon Fighting

Level 22 Perfect Two Weapon Fighting

Level 24 Child of Faith

Level 25 Doublestrike

Level 27 Damage Reduction

Level 28 Deific Warding

Level 30 Epic Will & Legendary Toughness

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