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Updated Ranged Build - Superkluege Build

Anna´s Passionate Lover

12 Ranger / 6 Monk / 2 Cleric - Wisdom Based Archer Lawful Neutral

Currently Drow (but Wood Elf is preferred) Look for Race with Enchantment Lore (tier 2)

Paralyze DC: Base = 84 / with pots and Low Reaper (13 pts into DT) = 109 MAX (32 Reaper pts into DT) = 111  (Check the lvl 1 spell Hold Animal and add 20 to the DC)

Wis: 94 (100 with Reaper with pots)

UMD: 47

Standing Doubleshot: 73.06%

Standing Ranged Power: 174

PRR: 127

MRR: 15


Starting Stats (+8 Stats):

Str 8

Dex 14 

Con 16

Int 12

Wis 16 (All Level Ups)

Cha 10


Ending Stats (with Racial Completionist):

Str 22

Dex 54

Con 65 (can even off in Reaper)

Int 30

Wis 94

Cha 45


Progression is important (tougher in heroic due to requirements):  4x Ranger, 6 x Monk, 8 x Ranger, 2 x Cleric



1 point blank shot

3 Precision

5 Zen Archery (Martial Arts Feat)

6 Enchantment Focus

6 Deflect Arrows (Martial Arts Feat)

9 Improved critical ranged

10 10k Stars (Martial Arts Feat)

12 Master of Forms

15 Greater Enchantment Focus 

18 Grand Master of Forms

19 Cleric Deity Feat - Follower of Silver Flame

20 Cleric Domain - Domain of Law

21 Overwhelming Critical

24 Combat Archery

26 Holy Strike

27 blinding speed

28 doubleshot

29 Mass Frog (great for undead)

30 Empower Healing

30 Scion of Feywild.


Favored Enemies: undead, giants... really whatever is the current content, you can rework these by TR or whatever if needed.


Skills: max: concentration, heal, UMD, search, spot, listen, possibly Perform (for Scion of Feywild)


Spell List (Ranger): 

1st: tumble, jump, resist energy

2nd: barkskin, protection from energy

3rd: wild instincts, neutralize poison


1st: Bless, Command, Nightshield, Cure light wounds



AA: 25 total

Core: 4 

T1: Conjure Arrows, Energy of the Wild x 3, Corrosive Arrow

T2: Elemental Damage, dispel shot x1

T3: Terror, Elemental Damage, Wis

T4: Banishing, Paralyzing, Smiting


Deepwood: 32 total

Core 4

T1: Favored Defense x2, increased empathy x2

T2: Survivalist, damage boost x3

T3: Survivalist, aimed shot, Favored Hunter x2, Wis

T4: Survivalist, Killer x3, leg shot, Wis

T5: Heavy Draw


Falconry 24

Core 3

T1: Rugged x3, Out in Nature x3

T2: Diving Attack Shot x1, Action Boost: Sprint x1

T3: Killer Instinct II, Tear Flesh, Conditioning, Eyes of the Eagle

T4: Deadly Instinct: x1, No Mercy x3


Racial (from TRs)

Need to get Enchantment Lore x3 (+1 Enchantment DC)


Epic Destiny:

Shiradi Champion


T1: Stay Frosty x2, wis

T2: Pin x2, wis

T3: Ottos x2, Whirling Wrists x3, wis

T4: wis

T5: Stand and Deliver, Nerve Venom x3

T6: Audience with the Queen, Hunt’s End



1) Sense weakness (Tier 4)

2) Grim Precision (Tier 3)

3) Enchantment Specialist (Tier 2)

4) A Dance of Flowers - (Tier 1) 

5) Cocoon - (Tier 1)



Weapon1: Chaosbow, Twisted Willow, LGS Salt, LGS Ice

Armor: Leg Wildwood Outfit

Goggles: Leg Collective with Insightful Wis +10 and Con +21

Helm: Helm of the Final Watcher

Neck: Leg Kindred pendant (greater enchantment focus)

Trinket: Options here: Serrated Arrowhead is nice.  Also, Echo of Ravenkind, Curse Bane focus, etc… whatever you want

Cloak: Lege City Watch Cloak

Belt: Leg Black Satin Waist - +5 Quality Wis

Ring: Radiant Ring of Taer Valaestos (Slot +2 Feastive Wisdom here)

Ring: Leg Celestial Sapphire ring (whatever +21 Stat you want… maybe int)

Gloves: Leg Wildwood Gauntlets

Boots: Leg Flightfoot Greeves (mainly for FoM)

Bracers: Wildwood Wrists (whatever +21 stat you want here)

Quiver: Epic Purifying Quiver blunted ammo

Swaps / clickies: Void (for arrow clickie), neck Legendary Rose Quartz Sigil Stone 3 charges of deathward,

Build Goals:


Close to no fail Paralyze and Fear DC

Ways to make Helpless and use the No Mercy and Sense Weakness Stack

High DPS with High Wisdom Score


Warning - Heroic sucks as you do not get IPS until late as you take 6 monk first.  

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Anna´s Passionate Lover

The other option I am realizing is to go 1 ranger, then 6 monk, then 11 ranger, 2 cleric.  But that delays IPS further, but you can take Precision at level 2 as a martial arts feat and lose deflect arrows.  I believe the way I have above is better as deflect arrows seemed to work nice and I still get pretty much every other thing I need from the feat list.  Maybe if you want to add completionist, but for what you get (+1 enchantment DC), it is kind of a high cost imho.

Topic starter Posted : Wednesday, July 29, 2020 7:53 am
Anna´s Passionate Lover

Also, I just remembered the main reason... to unlock spell focus: Enchantment for level 6 feat selection.


**Also, Imp critical cannot be taken at 9, so it is really this:

9- Greater enchantment focus

12- Imp crit

15 master of forms

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Anna´s Passionate Lover

Also, you need to get ki regen from henshin mystic contemplation when you get 10k stars at lvl 10 and keep it until you are lvl 18 and get through GM of forms Water.  Again, this is not an easy heroic build that makes sacrifices and trades off when leveling up.  However, I do find the end build satisfying with a very high wisdom to damage and high DCs for arrow embues and Falconer bird attacks.

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Topic starter Posted : Sunday, September 6, 2020 11:17 pm
Anna´s Passionate Lover

Updated Gear below - Bumps HPs to 1721, 100 Wisdom, and Paralyze DC to 116 in reaper currently with no pots.  Max DC should be 121 and I will eventually be a Wood Elf.

Currently a Dragonborn (not optimal):


Weapon1: Primary is Chaosbow and am working on the Spark of Dream (150K Sentient XP) Also good is Twisted Willow and LGS Salt or Ice (less damage on LGS, but good procs).

Armor: Leg Wildwood Outfit

Goggles: Leg Magewright Goggles - Can craft int

Helm: Helm of the Final Watcher

Neck: Leg. Winter Court Necklace (HP booster and DR from 2pc Set)

Trinket: Echo of Ravenkind (for true seeing and con - also makes stuff good for DR)

Cloak: Leg Magewright Cloak (set bonus is artifact +4 Wis and +3 DCs) - Can craft quality wisdom on it and has enchantment focus bonuses

Belt: Leg Black Satin Waist - +5 Quality Wis

Ring: Radiant Ring of Taer Valaestos (Slot +2 Festive Wisdom here)

Ring: Leg Shattered Onyx (+10 insightful wis crafted)

Gloves: Leg Wildwood Gauntlets

Boots: Leg Deepsnow Boots ( for Insightful and quality Con and FoM)

Bracers: Wildwood Wrists (whatever +21 Dex )

Quiver: Epic Purifying Quiver blunted ammo

Augments:  Litany of the Dead (+2 profane stats) and (Cruel Cut)  **Note all the other decent Raid Set Bonus ones are artifact bonuses that are covered by Wallwatch Set already so avoid them.

Swaps / clickies: Void (for arrow clickie), neck Legendary Rose Quartz Sigil Stone 3 charges of deathward

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