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Nim Notes 10/27/2023

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Nim Notes




Weekly Coupon

Free Medium Experience Elixir

Coupon Code: LVLUP

Now through November 2nd!



Fridays @ 4



- Next Wednesday is u63 Illithid Invasion


- The quests will stay, the event wont, the event is "scheduled to be a week long."


-  There will be an NPC in the Clifftop Tower District of Sharn to start the event for you.


- You can use the Deck of Many Curses to apply bonuses to heroic, epic legendary and even RNG chest loot, whipe it off if it isnt the bonus you want and try again.  They can drop in any chest that allows for Ultra Rare drops.They cant go on cosmetics, quivers, ammunition.






- Honor Your Guild! Get 25% off: Astral Shards, Guild Renown Elixirs, Get 50% off: Guild Charters, Guild Airship Beacons, Now through November 2nd! 


- Available for a limited time: +20 Hearts of Wood! Get a bonus +5 Heart of Wood with your purchase! Available through November 2nd! 


- DDO Bonus Days! DDO Bonus Days bring you a Strength in Numbers week! Get +5% XP for every member in your party or raid group through November 1st!


- Jhozam has created a neat video for "A Night in Barovia", a musical cover from Ravenloft in DDO!  


- Update 63 approaches! Stay tuned for more information later this week about a special one-time event taking place in Dungeons & Dragons Online!


- Spooky fun continues through October 31st in House Jorasco! The Night Revels features new rewards, returning favorites and fun treats and cosmetics! 



Tweets By Severlin


- I think that the Illithid Invasion for DDO is really going to be memorable. Each server will have to figure out what that is, how to stop it, and how to reveal the locations of the final dungeons. While the servers are searching for answers, Illithid influence is everywhere!


- The event lasts only while the servers are searching for answers, though. (Although the final dungeons will remain.)


- Each server will need to do the same thing. Also, each dungeon unlock is its own thing.



Posted : Friday, October 27, 2023 3:58 pm