MY TR gear set.
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MY TR gear set.

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Since a few people have asked, here is my crafted TR gear set.  this is a generic set meant to work for several different builds and it has worked well for that.

Goggles: Disable Device, Open Lock, augment slot

Head: Resistance, Intelligence, augment slot

Neck: Constitution, Charisma, Augment slot

Trinket: Treasure Hunter's Spyglass

Cloak: Claok of the mimic, Sticky goo guard, Deathblock, Fortification, augment slot

Belt: Doubleshot (for ranged)/Doublestrike (for melee) Natural Armor, augment slot

Ring: Protection, Blindness Immunity, augment slot

Gloves: Deadly, Strength, augment slot

Boots: Diversion, Seeker, augment slot

Ring: Dexterity, Feather Falling, augment slot with Master's gift

Bracers: Dodge, Spell Saves, augment slot

Armor: False Life, Vitality, augment slot with Heavy fort

The above is used for any Rogue splash ranged build or melee build with just a few item changes.  I have this set at level 4, 8, 12, 16, and 21.  Then of course I swap to end game gear at level 28/29.

Belt changes from double shot to double strike for melee builds

Armor changes from light to heavy if doing a Tank build.  Or to a docent if warforged.

If doing a caster build, (shocking I know), well generally I don't.  So if I need a cast build I will do 6 rogue, 6 arti, 8 caster and play it as an inquisitive.

I use the augment slots to fill in what I am missing, but often do not bother with many augments at lower levels.  I dont feel they are needed and I spend less time in the lower level then I do at higher levels.  most common augments are elemental resist ones.


I have used this gear set for over 500 past lives and I am very happy with its performance.  I do sometimes tweak it, but not often as it works the way it is.


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Posted : Tuesday, April 26, 2022 4:07 pm
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At level 20 on my Inquisitive or assassin builds (any that wear light armor)

I do swap to the epic utility Vest and Epic Goggles of time sensing. 

at level 26 I use a Legendary Green steel Int skills item for Disable Device and Search, +39 to both.

Posted : Wednesday, April 27, 2022 10:32 am