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Nim Notes 4/28/2023

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u59 release notes:

Nim Notes
This one is dedicated to my friend, my guildy and my favorite developer, Humblefriar. We are all blessed to have had you in our lives and enriched by your work and dedication. You will be missed. Rest in Peace, my giant friend.




Fridays @ 4:


 - Patch during next Wednesday, May 3rd, also this is when they will be debuting the forums.


- the patch will fix certain slayers rare quest bugs and certain random encounters also not completing correctly.


- 51.1 patch scheduled for the near future.


- today's hot fix, all except one Droam legendary chests were not dropping named loot, also an issue with the 32 bit client. That should also been fixed...


-  Chance the new forums might get pushed back, but should be released on Wednesday.


- Next thing is U60 will be seeing a prerelease of the expansion, it will be released before Halloween.


- Hardcore season 8 is aimed for mid May, the teaser image is floating in the office already. Next Friday will hopefully have more hype information for next season 8. They want to surprise you with this season. Next week will hopefully have the release date.


-  New Epic Destiny with Vecna Unleashed!


- Cordovan plans to get Tolero on the show in the near future!


-  Cordovan took a second to recognize the big loss this week. Humblefriar passed away, he was a great guy and a member of the DDO community, also an engineer dev for SSG and worked on DDO. He was also a friend of our in High Lords of  Malkier as well as a guildy. He was survived by his wife and daughter. I miss him, and I know we will all miss him, together.





- Let us know how your experience has been running Legendary Droaam, and let us know how game performance is this weekend! Read the Update 59 release notes on


- Update 59 has arrived with Legendary Droaam quests, game performance improvements and more! Read about our newest update on


- DDO Bonus Days bring you +5% Reaper XP, now through April 30th! ALSO: Get +5% VIP XP and +25% Heroic and Epic XP through May 3rd!


- Rise Again! Get 20% off: Select Reincarnation Items Healing Items Spell Point Potions Quest XP Elixirs Now through May 4th!


- This is your FINAL WEEKEND to find +20 Hearts of Wood in the DDO Store! Get a bonus free +5 Heart of Wood with your purchase! Available through April 30th.



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