Nim Notes 1/29/2020
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Nim Notes 1/29/2020  

Maistir Nimvind
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Heya my internet is off at this moment but the Nim Notes must go on! Im using my cell phone to deliver this note. 


From the Forums:


Lamannia preview 2 is live for U45 I will have to add the links later since there is a lot of them and I'm on my phone currently. But there has been a lot of, what I consider, improvements from last model.


From the Wednesday Livestream


SSG still has some work to be done but they expect to release U45 within the next couple of weeks.


Weekend Bonus: Double Commendations of Valor, Risia Ice Games and Midwinter Games till February 11th (being turned off the morning of February 12th, a Wednesday) 


No new loot added to Risia or Midwinter this year but SSG expressed they would like to when they have time to do so. 

Posted : Wednesday, January 29, 2020 2:49 pm
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Yo nim, check to see if you can use USB (or blue tooth) tethering to use your phone to connect your pc/laptop, that's what I use.

Posted : Sunday, February 2, 2020 8:35 pm