Nim Notes 2/5/2020

Nim Notes 2/5/2020  

Maistir Nimvind
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Wednesday Livestream:


- Strikethrough, Two Handed Fighting feats, Paladin, Alchemist, Cleave, Hand and a half weapons, wild shape, and other miscellaneous changes have been made to u45. Link above with the details.


- U45 Age of the Alchemist is in the final touch stage. there will not be a third Lamannia preview. The release date is non specified but maybe next week if everything goes well.


- Weekly Bonus is 10% Heroic and Epic xp boost starting tomorrow (February 6th) running through Sunday (February 9th) being turned off in the morning of Monday.


- Anniversary Event this year may be smaller than we are used to do to it may be sandwiched between U45 and other things SSG is focusing on.


- PAX East meet up confirmed! Friday February 28th 7 pm eastern to 10 pm eastern. It will be a conjoined LOTRO and DDO meetup and Game Press. The area is not yet specified beyond that it is a gaming establishment with ties with a DDO employee and that its used for a lot of tabletop rpg gaming.


- Cordovan said Hardcore League 2 might be a little before March, "but we'll see" He then later said a list of events though I couldnt confirm if it was chronologically listed "U45, U46 Hardcore League 2".


- Cordovan mentioned that SSG would like to do some work on the reincarnation cache; UI elements, compatibility, sorting work, and other things in the near future.


- Someone asked if there will be reaper mounts, Cordovan replied, "We hadnt said what the prizes for Season 2 (of Hardcore League) will be but it sounds like something that is pretty possible." "Stay Tuned"


-  Beta of the 64bit client may be coming really soon. Cordovan even said it could even happen in U45 or next month but that is not official. This just let us know the internal testing of the 64bit client is going really well. It will be a toggle in your game loader, you can switch to and from the 64bit client, and eventually if everyone has a smooth ride with it they will remove the BETA part of it from the menu. 32bit and 64bit will be provided, so dont worry if your system cant hang with 64bit clients.

Posted : Wednesday, February 5, 2020 2:13 pm
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