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Nim Notes 5/12/2023

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U59.1 Release Notes:

HC8 Sneak Peak post:

Nim Notes



Fridays @ 4:


- Cordovan wont give a title because HC season 8 is going to be different in a way that giving names of stuff or the reward list will give it away. So no clues will be given.


- Golden Footprints, Golden Eyes, Golden Mimic, A golden gilded sash and cloak that shined on the gold parts was displayed. More rewards than these were hinted at.


-  July 18th is the end date at this moment for Hard Core season 8.


- Please check out the memorial to Humblefriar, it's in Deleras Grave next to the Gary Gygax Memorial.


- Due to the performance fix, there has been a surge of zerging causing lag by the thing that red alert was used to discourage zerging. SSG is working on some adjustments to dungeon alerts.









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It is not Mimics.



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The old DDO forums are once again available in a read-only state. We have had to disable the Private Messaging system due to a bug, however. Sorry! #DDO




-   Cordovan: Because this season's thing is different from things you've done before, and the intention is for players to discover it when the season opens. We can get some of the info you are looking for in time for launch, but that's not going to spoil anything.



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Cordovan: The answer is +2 for the level lockout, or effective level on Elite.

Cordovan: There is a 1750 Favor reward, not a 5K one.

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