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Nim Notes 5/5/2023

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DDO Forums HC8 Announcement:

DDO Forums Changes to Dungeon Alert:


Nim notes



- No Fridays @ 4 today, Cordovan had his roof done today!


- Hardcore Season 8 is going live May 17th!





- New Forums on the DDO site, make sure to sign up and if you like repost your guides and builds with a clean slate on the new forum site!




DDO Bonus Days bring you a +40% Challenge Rewards boost, now through May 7th!



- Make Your Mark on the World! Get 30% off: Select Marks Crafting Success Boosters Cannith Essences Collectables Crates Now through May 11th!


- Note: There will not be a Fridays at Four today on . See you next week!


- The next season of the Hardcore League starts May 17th! We're looking forward to this next season and can't wait for you to see what we have going on.



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