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Nim Notes 6/30/2023

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Lamannia Preview 2 of U60 (and some U61):






Nim Notes

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Fridays @ 4



-  No ETA on the new DDO Store, the preview was delayed for two weeks, Late July may be wehn we see it go live.



- Machrotechnic will be part of the pre purchase for u61 Vecna Unleashed, it wont be free otherwise. 



-  Cordovan went over the Lamannia preview 2 release notes, link above!



-  Cordovan ensures us there will be more previews in Lamannia after this second one. 



-  The DDO store changes is more of a revamp rather than a brand new DDO Store.



- The Special Sale for expansions is for the DDO Market in the DDO official website







 Tolero: UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties the Lamannia Preview 2 will be ending this morning at 10:30am Eastern (-4 GMT). Feedback threads however will remain open until the next Preview.



  Steelstar: They're not scaling properly with item power in this Preview, it'll be fixed for the next one.

That said, they are indeed meant for player consumption, their names are correct, the effects on them are correct save the numbers involved.



 Cordovan: We have never claimed that a singular source of lag is the cause of all sources of lag, but yes, pathing-related lag is caused by pathing-related issues.



  Cordovan: For anyone who ran into a storage issue, make sure you have a ticket in with customer support here:



  Cordovan: For the most part the Coupons will be the same as ever, things like the weekly coupon codes or special limited-time offers like if we ever bring back the free dungeon coupon. There may be functionality in the future that will help support buy one, get one style coupons as well.



  Cordovan: We apologize, but due to a technical issue we have to postpone today's updated Store preview. We will have more information about a future preview soon.



 Steelstar: While dual stat Augments may happen sometime in the future, they will not be appearing in U60 or U61.

That said, we do have some new Augments coming in U61, which (fingers crossed) you should be able to check out next Preview!

   Steelstar: Effects on Rune Arms in this preview don't seem to be scaling properly. This is fixed for next preview!



    Cordovan: For players who experienced an issue getting the proper amount of storage when purchasing an Underdark Patron's Coffer, we have identified the issue and we are working on a fix that will be deployed in a future game update. No ticket to Customer Support is necessary to correct this issue, as the fix will be a versioning fix that will be automatic once the correction is deployed.




   Cordovan: The most common cause of getting the generic error page when making a purchase through the DDO Market is that you don't have a credit card/payment method linked to the account through the Market system. Check your account to make sure you have a card and that it isn't expired or something. If that doesn't help, reach out to CS for support here:







- Store More Loot! Get 20% off: Select Character Bank Space, Select Shared Storage, Deposit Box, Plat Storage, Select Inventory Space, Select Bags Now through July 6th!


- Summer Sales Continue! This week, get: 30% off Trailblazer Tabaxi Iconic Hero, 50% off Razorclaw Shifter Iconic Hero, 50% off Bladeforged Iconic Hero, 75% off Aasimar Scourge of the Undead Iconic Hero Now through July 6th!


- Special Sale in the DDO Market: Select Expansion packs! Now through July 9th, get: 25% off Isle of Dread, 25% off Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, 50% off Fables of the Feywild, 75% off Masterminds of Sharn, 75% off DDO Expansion Trove


- Double Bonus Points Plus is here! Get a Lesser, Greater, or Sovereign Elixir of Discovery with your purchase! Now through July 9th!


- DDO Bonus Days! DDO Bonus Days bring you +15% VIP XP, now through July 5th!


- Our Update 60 preview continues on Lamannia! Read more: Also, we'll be previewing an updated DDO Store on Lamannia on Thursday afternoon Eastern time!


- We've had to close Lamannia a bit earlier than intended today due to a technical issue. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we'll have another Lamannia preview in mid-July!



Posted : Friday, June 30, 2023 3:59 pm