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Nim Notes 5/26/2023

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Nim Notes


Weekly Coupon Free Bell of Opening Coupon Code: MAGICUNLOCK Now through June 1st!



Fridays @ 4:


- We had found all 13 treasures in Hardcore, there is no more.


- Previewing update 60, u61 will be expansion. Pre release around the corner and preview to it plus new ED around the corner.


- Macro Technic is the new ED


- ViP benefits is on hold due to recent sad events.


-  Dungeon Alert tweak preview in about a week. They want to promote us to clean up our aggro.


- Plans to have a toggle for new over head alerts. No date given.


- Reaper Enhancement work around later this year or early next year.


- The new DDO store is hopefully coming before Christmas.


- Humans, Elves and Halflings will be the first ones to get a new look. Severlin would like to add sliders for facial adjustments and such, but this is just something he would like to do, not on the official docket.


- Nohbob and Cordovan planning to do coverage of the dungeon being build, the one we voted on for PAX East 2023. It's slated, I believe I heard, this December.


- Next Fridays @ 4 will hopefully have Lamannia news!






- Here are some of the rewards for the 8th Season of the Hardcore League: 

  • 1750 Favor: Glittery Golden Eyes Toggle
  • Finding all 7 Treasures: Golden Footprints
  • Finding all 13 Treasures: Golden Death Walkers Sash VIII
  • Reaching Level 20: Death Walkers Sash VIII
  • Gaining 10 Reaper Enhancement Points: Death Walker's Cloak VIII
  • Gaining 20 Reaper Enhancement Points: Solid Gold Mimic Creature Companion


- Locations so far:
lvl 1 - Sacrifices - skeleton mage optional
lvl 6 - Immortality Lessons - Unicorn chest
lvl 7 - The Pit (optional chest) - The Avatar of Juiblex option.
lvl 9 - Into the Deep - Hezrou optional at the end of the quest
lvl 10 - Invitation to Dinner - Confront Strahd again optiona
lvl 12 - Wiz King - treasure room
lvl 13 - Mired in Kobolds's - Mama dragon Optional
lvl 14 - Madstone - Mad Enchanter Optional
lvl 15 - Search and Rescue - optional Drow Outpost path
lvl 16 - Roll call optional
lvl 16 - Servants of the Overlord - extreme challenge optional
lvl 26 - Study in sable - save 4 guests optional
lvl 29- Epic Temple of Vol. - Marut optional (epic only version of the quest by design)





- Free Character Transfers are now available from the Hardcore server.


- Get a Boost! Get 25% off: Sovereign XP Elixirs, Treasure Hunter Elixirs, Greater Slayer Boosts, Long Lasting Supreme Ability Potions Now through June 1st!


- The Update 59.2 Release Notes can be found on


- Double Bonus Points is back! Get double the Bonus Points in the DDO Store through June 4th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +10 Treasure Hunter's Boost, now through May 29th!


A Tweet from Severlin


- Well, on the DDO side we uncovered and mitigated a crash in our virtual machine that was causing large spikes of lag. Hopefully with that shored up, and the previous changes to our feat directory code, DDO will be better as we work on LOTRO.... Frustrating to have this problem dovetailed into our previous performance change which by all our metrics made a large difference. Hopefully this shores up the new lag players have seen.

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