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Nim Notes 1/15/2020 (A Lot, like Tooo Much)  

Maistir Nimvind
Fiddle Fu*%#r Admin

U45 Named Item Preview:

U45 Ranged Combat Change:

U45 Knight of the Chalice Changes:

U45 Deleras and Catacombs thread:

U45 Balance Changes thread:

U45 Two Handed Fighting Style thread:

U45 Preview:

Alchemist thread:

Vile Chemist:



Strimtom's interview with Steelstar:

Nimvind and Ina's U45 discussion:




Nim Notes!




* Personal Note*

Since there is a lot of new news to go over, instead of retyping eight threads of stuff in todays notes, I just gather the links and allow you to choose which news you want to take and in what order, though any news outside those threads I will record in the following Nim note.



From the Wednesday Livestream



- Cordovan says there is no exact date to report on Season 2 of Hardcore League, but he did say it will be sooner rather than later...

      My Personal feelings about this is sooner is too soon. we have some ice events and anniversary events on the horizon I want to enjoy first without the Hardcore League calling out to my soul, challenging me to get more cosmetics.


- +5% Raid XP boost starting tomorrow January 16th through January 19th!

   Weird weekend bonus, but okay.


- Before the end of the livestream Cordovan said he may be livestreaming next Wednesday in a some server.... or Lamannia again, basically kinda maybe a hint at a second preview of U45, which means maybe there is time before Alchemist and the rest of U45 to come to live servers.


      So While everything is still in Lamannia and in the air, please test things out, and express int he forums how you feel and what you like or dont like about U45, please! this is your chance now to shape and sculpt DDO to your DDO, to OUR DDO. I even made a post in the Ranged thread about a concern I have. You can speak up and be heard as this is the moment in their process where they are seeking our input and out cries.





Posted : Wednesday, January 15, 2020 1:08 pm
Anna´s Passionate Lover

Well, in some positive news, whomever +lich is, said that in light of the IPS changes, they are bumping up the revamp of longbows to next week.  I guess all the backlash on the forums drove a positive change.  I for one was fairly intense and got into it with SteelStar a bit, but I will take a few lumps to get the ends result we were looking for.  So now we wait and see if they can deliver something worth while or just invited more hate down upon them.

Posted : Wednesday, January 15, 2020 10:49 pm
Maistir Nimvind
Fiddle Fu*%#r Admin

Severlin'g thread:


It has a lot to say on the ranged thread and of course a clue on a new update that will specifically buff bows.

Posted : Thursday, January 16, 2020 12:08 am