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I've gone through a LOT of lives on my main, so I've decided to just put together one thread with all of the builds I've posted linked in it.

These builds are presented in no particular order.

List of builds:


Soaring Radiant Archer (Dwarf 15/4/1 Cleric/Ranger/Wizard with Falconry) (Healer/Crowd Control/Ranged DPS)
Bowhealer 2020 (Wood Elf 17/2/1 Cleric or FvS/Fighter/Wizard) (Healer/Crowd Control/Ranged DPS)
Soul Survivor 2020 (Warforged 20 Favored Soul) (Healer/Melee DPS)
Red Death Inquisitive (Drow 18/2 FvS/Arti) (Ranged DPS/Healer)
Viscously Vile Vistani (Shadar-Kai 18/1/1 Alchemist/Rogue/Barbarian with Vistani)
(Melee DPS/Nuker)
The Fire Whirl (Gnome 20 Sorcerer) 
(Nuker/Melee DPS)

-=Ranged DPS=-

Bowbarian 2017 (Half-Orc 12/6/2 Barb/Ranger/Rogue)
Repeater Kensei (Gnome 18/2 Fighter/Artificer)
Vorpal Queen U38 REMIX (Gnome 20 Artificer)
The Swashbucking Inaquisitive Bardificer (Scoundrel 18/2 Bard/Artificer)


Spellscreaming Charmer (Human 20 Bard)
The Elysian Dragon (Dragonborn 20 Bard)

-=Tanky Builds=-

Groundloop Auralock (PDK 15/3/2 Warlock/Fighter/Cleric or FvS)

-=Reaper Life Builds=-

Reaper Life 1 Vorpal Queen U36 (Gnome 20 Artificer) (Ranged DPS)
Reaper Life 2 Monkcher (Dwarf 12/6/2 Monk/Ranger/Rogue) (Ranged DPS/Crowd Control hybrid)
Reaper Life 3 Sound and Fury (Half-Elf 20 Bard) (Healer/Nuker/Crowd Control hybrid)
Reaper Life 4 Angel of Destruction (Deep Gnome 20 Favored Soul) (Healer/Instakiller/Nuker) (NEW!)

Posted : Friday, May 4, 2018 9:33 pm
Piker Moderator


Posted : Sunday, December 15, 2019 11:04 am