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Nim Notes 7/21/2023

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Nim Notes




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Fridays @ 4:



- Next Wednesday is U60 which is mostly the prepurchase bundle campaign for U61 and some other stuff.



- New DDO Store will come after U60



- Classic Raid revamp still planned for this year, no exact date on that though.



- Cosmetic previews are considered a bug and will be done away with when the new DDO store is coming. They will be considering bringing it to the new store in the future.



- Cordovan showed off the Rune Arms coming in U61.



- The Raid will be released after U61, Vecna Unleashed



- There will be a Saga for U61, along with XP changes.



- Old DDO Codes will not work with new DDO Store!



-  Some things Cordovan Showed


New DDO Store


 Darling in Rat Form


Darling the Wererat


Undead Mount



WF Owl pet


Morgrave Mount


Flame Skull Pet and Vecna cult comsetics


Morgrave Outfit






  Cordovan: No, preview functionality is not part of the updated Store. We have increased the size of icons to assist in the ability to see what you are purchasing, but this store update is more about preserving functionality versus adding features.



  Steelstar: I'd like to someday! It'll take significantly longer to implement than this entire Rune Arm pass did.



  Knockback: As The Questgiver in the test dojo explains, the mini-expansion will include 13 new quests and a raid. (And a new public area.)




- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +40% Challenge Rewards Boost, now through July 23rd!


- Ride to Glory! Get 25% off: Select Mounts, Mirrors of Glamering and Glamered Weapon Auras, Keep on the Borderlands Bonus Items, White Plume Mountain Bonus Items Now through July 27th!


The Season 8 leaderboards for the Hardcore League are now available on


- Lamannia is now open with a new preview of Update 60 and an updated DDO Store! Read more in the DDO Forums:


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Posted : Friday, July 21, 2023 3:51 pm
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The raid that will go Legendary sounds like it might be Chronoscope, but take this as a grain of salt. It might be he didnt deny it just to leave the guesses in the air.


Retro World Expo in Heartford Connecticut will have a Cordovan appearance, in the end of August. 

Posted : Friday, July 21, 2023 4:01 pm
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We are curious to get your thoughts! Fill out this survey on SurveyMonkey today: We'll take responses through August 4th.

Posted : Saturday, July 22, 2023 11:05 am