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Nim Notes 5/23/2022

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DDOCast 676 Ask the Devs: Producer Tolero



- It was heavily alluded to that Vecna has a lot to do with this expansion (Isle of Dread) and the story plot with the codex of infinite planes!


- Tolero is excited to see Piranhas in Isle of Dread.

- It was mentioned that the excess reaper points some players have is a topic of discussion in SSG.


- It was also mentioned that Guild Ship upgrades and other ideas for guilds are also being actively discussed in SSG



- SSG is aiming for this year to release the revamp to Personal Character Banks.


-  Also  Tolero was talking about cosmetics possibly being held by NPCs, and slowly rolling out cosmetic NPCs for older expansions.

Posted : 05/23/2022 11:37 am