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Nim Notes 11/4/2020

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[DDO] SSG Tells All in Fables of the Feywild Developer Interview! Link:


Nim Notes








Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream!


- Feywild should be launching tomorrow, November 5th, so expect downtime November 5th 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Eastern


- The Raid for the Feywild expansion will be released in a patch after Feywild's launch


- Weekend Bonus: Double Mysterious remnants 11/5-11/8th





Strimtom's Interview with SSG about Feywild!

*Minor Spoilers of monsters appearing in the Feywild if you don't want to know just avoid this part*


- The Feywild indeed is attached to the hut that showed up in the Stormreach Harbor and even the Codex pages.


- Creatures and Monsters appearing in the Feywild: Displacer Beast, Blink Dogs, Cooshee, Fomorians (Giants from the Feydark), Redcaps, revamped Satyrs, a new type of Kelpie, Pixies, Unicorns, "and various other new people in feywild outfits", and sprites and baked goods.


- Each new creature mobs will bring in new battle mechanics and statuses that will take unique spells or potions to cure. (not new spells or potions just new effects that may need neutralize poison or break enchantment.)


- Social skills will also have some interesting part in some of the 13 quests that are coming in the Feywild expansion.


- New Patron: the Summer Court! Favor Reward 1st: feat +2 to saves vs fey, 2nd Reward: +5 hp, 3rd Reward: Feydark Illusionist.


- The quests wont be as forced to be ran in order as Sharn quest chains were. Also


- Near future, not at launch, there will be a saga with these quests.


- 10 quests are part of the story and accessed in the public zone, the other 3 are walk ups adventures.


- the Raid wont be part of the story of Feywild but will involve characters you meet in the main story of Feywild.


- Bow changes are being actively looked at.





Posted : Wednesday, November 4, 2020 2:00 pm