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Nim Notes 9/15/2023

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Nim Notes



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Fridays @ 4



- Next week will have a preview on lamannia, they are doing a balance pass on active attacks. they are thinking of switching from the W dice system to a percentage boost. So attacks that add weapon dice or W to your base damage will instead raise the overall damage by a percentage.



- Next Wednesday the Fires Over Morgrave raid loot will be fixed. Adds it to the Compendium, adds threads, and etc.



- Cordovan gave another hint on the secret of Vecna Unleashed, he said there is a post on the forum that is on the right track. 



- Next week's lamannia is technically the first preview of u62, it wont have all of u62 but some in it.








- Episode 2 of The Joy of Deving with Bob Hess is now available! Making a dungeon in DDO!


- Get a Boost! Get 20% off: Sovereign XP Elixirs, Treasure Hunter Elixirs, Greater Slayer Boosts, Long Lasting Supreme Ability Potions, Now through September 21st!


- VIPs Get Daily Gold Rolls through October 10th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +30% Crafting XP Boost, now through September 17th!


- Crystal Cove has returned! Find Sailor Calatin to get started on the docks in The Harbor. Read our guide on Available through September 26th!


- The named loot in the "Fire Over Morgrave" is improperly Bound to Account. We will change the binding status in our next game update. After the update, this loot will become Bound to Character.


- The Update 61.1 Release Notes can be found on

Posted : Friday, September 15, 2023 4:00 pm