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Nim Notes 3/3/2023

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Nim Notes




-RSVPs are now available for our Thursday, March 23rd Community Meetup in Boston! If you plan to attend please RSVP quickly:

-The Anniversary Event has been extended through Sunday, March 19th!


-We are currently working to resolve an issue that prevents us from opening World Character Transfers. Read the latest on timing in the DDO Forums:


-Available for a Limited Time: The Wish of Inheritance! Available through March 5th!


-Honor Your Guild! Get 20% off: Astral Shards Guild Renown Elixirs Get 50% off: Guild Charters Guild Airship Beacons Now through March 9th!


-Happy 17th Anniversary DDO! Get discounts on expansions in the DDO Market: 25% off Isle of Dread 25% off Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh 50% off Fables of the Feywild 75% off Masterminds of Sharn 75% off Expansion Trove Now through March 5th!


-This is your FINAL WEEKEND to get Otto's Boxes! Find Heroic, Epic, and Improved Otto's Boxes in the DDO Store through March 5th!


-DDO Bonus Days bring you +25% Guild Renown, now through March 5th!


-Double Bonus Points continues! Get twice the Bonus Points in the DDO Store through March 5th!


Anniversary Stream 2/28/2023


- Discussions of opening up the players council roster again in the near future

- There will be old and new swag at the Meet Up after the PAX East panel.

- Small Patch next week to fix some bugs!

- Navigating how they will give people another chance at items like the Bottle of Mist...

- Several lamannias for performance works. These fixes are aimed for high end game performance.

- Cosmetic storage could be a tab or something more intricate. They dont know if they want to give up working on something else to work on this just yet. Though they will when they have to time.

-  Lamannia looking at the new epic destiny in the next two weeks (or so)


- Transfers may be fixed within the week, along with the patch. 

- DDO has nothing to do with the OGL D&D Wizard of the Coast drama, it has its own license and it is not a tabletop game.

- They wont be able to do SSG to Holywood tie for the movie but they want to celebrate the movies release. They're not in the position to have direct conversation with the film makers. More about how they are going to interact with D&D movie hype as the time gets closer.


Fridays @ 4


- ViP- loyalty program: This Mid-Year there will be VIP rewards that grow and accumulate the longer you have them and can be claim in Hall of Heroes. Subject to change, the first example of these rewards are (things not implemented yet may changewhen this system is released);

 Month 1 month 500 additional DDO Points (total of 1k DDO Points)

 Month 2 One per account Box of Many Things 

 Month 3 an additional character slot

 Month 4 Reduce item wear (durability damage to items and weapons)

 Month 5 Another box of many things

 Month 6 a trail of dancing light or a crown that works with bloody prints (not implemented yet)

 Month 7 crafting boosts,

 Month 8 Another box of many thing

 Month 9 fletchling, 10% projectiles return to player  

 Month 10 hirelings last longer (not implemented),

 Month 11 Greater Box of Many Things

 Month 12 Special cloud mount.

- Box of Many Things: rest shrine, feat swap, sentient xp 1k, glitterdust, mirror, omnispell dust, heroic raid timer, legendary raid timer.

- Greater Box of Many Things: true heart of wood, true heart of blood, epic heart of wood, +20 heart lesser heart of wood, elixir discovery 12 hours, xp potion 50% 12 hours, ransack chest clear potion (not implemented and might be subject to change)

- No retroactive rewards for long time VIP members

- They also would like to, but might not be able to do this, allow VIPs to swap spells in public; no need for taverns. VIPs also will have no cool down on spell swaps.

- Cloud mount will be ridden like a surf board; flying carpets wont be VIP mounts, not sure how they are ridden

- All rewards are linear, if you lose VIP and get it again, it will continue from where you left off. (No claiming 500 DDO points twice)

- Mid Year is the target time for the release of this new reward system.

- They are open minded to opening a 4th epic destiny tree access, but don't see the need to atm. also they don't want to show inactive trees but could go mid ways with us and let us have a 4th panel to cycle through inactive epic destinies.

- They are more aware of iconic completionist! The community spoke and Severlin would like to see it done.

- Races included in the remodeling of characters are Humans, Elves and Halflings.


- There was more discussed but most of it did not seem like it is on the table of action yet, so I decided to leave those out of this weeks Notes. Sometimes things discussed are just talk and I like to leave these notes for things that will happen for surely even if the dates are obscured. Hope you all enjoy!


Posted : Friday, March 3, 2023 6:31 pm