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Nim Notes 3/10/2023

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PAX East Meet-Up RSVP:

Lucky's Lounge Website:



Nim Notes


Fridays @ 4


- Anniversary Event is going through March 19th


- Hardcore After Party and Free transfers to Orien and Sarlona extended through March 21st


- No Lamannia next week, nor the week after that. Lamannia is targeted to be up in three weeks.


- PAX East Meet-up has about 35 DDO players signed up, they will be opening the sign up for players of their other games. Their will be snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic options), give-aways, swag, and possible Q&A and pictures!





- DDO's 17th Anniversary event, cosmetic armor giveaway and more continues through March 19th! Read up on everything here:


- Attending PAX East in Boston this year or live close enough to be there? RSVP for our Community Meetup at Lucky's Lounge on March 23rd here:


- Rise Again! Get 25% off: Select Reincarnation Items Healing Items Spell Point Potions Quest XP Elixirs Now through March 16th!


- Back for a limited time: +20 Heart of Wood (with a bonus +5 Heart of Wood with your purchase!) Available through March 19th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you a Buddy Weekend! Get +10% XP for every member in your party (not raid group) now through March 12th! ALSO: VIPs get an additional +15% XP through March 19th!


- Character World Transfers have been re-enabled. Read more in the DDO Forums:

Posted : Friday, March 10, 2023 7:01 pm