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Nim Notes 3/18/2023

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Nim Notes




- This is your final weekend to claim your free cosmetic armor in-game! Available in-game through March 19th! Read up on our 17th Anniversary celebration on


- Available for a limited time: +20 Hearts of Wood! Get a bonus +5 Heart of Wood with your purchase. Available in the DDO Store through March 19th!


- Live, Laugh, Loot! Get 30% off: Raid Bypass Timers Select Fate and Destiny Tomes Wish for Memories Now through March 23rd!


- Our VIP XP Boost continues through the weekend! Get +15% VIP XP through March 19th!


- DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Daily Dice! Get twice the Daily Dice XP through March 19th!



Fridays @ 4 (3/18/2023):


- Follow up email on Monday possibly, but if you RSVP you're in so don't worry.

- Hardcore After Party and Orien and Sarlona free transfers end in the morning of the 22nd.

- A fancy artwork was displayed, Cordovan said they will talk more about it next week. Maybe a poster that they will be giving away

[img] [/img]


- A couple of big announcements are on their way.


- The default server has been moved to Ghallanda and SSG is keeping their eyes on the transfers.


-  They are looking at performance issues on Orien, they may have something rolling out in a couple of weeks.


- If you're an Amazon Prime member you can see Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves early!



Posted : Saturday, March 18, 2023 11:33 am