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Kluege's u53 Paralyze and Terror Arrow Build

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U55 Adjusted Paralyze/Terror Arrow Build:


Build Goals:

Close to no fail Paralyze and Fear DC

High DPS with High Wisdom Score


Warning - Heroic sucks as you do not get IPS until late.


12 Ranger / 6 Fighter / 2 Monk - Wisdom Based Archer Lawful Neutral

Currently Deep Gnome

Paralyze DC: Base (20 + 39 wis mod + 35 Enchant DC) = 94

Reaper with Pots  DC = 20 +43 wis mod + 39 enchant) = 102

Wis: 88 base (96 in reaper + pots)

UMD: 59

Standing Doubleshot: 138

Standing Ranged Power: 222

PRR: 105

MRR: 50

Fort Bypass 116%

13d6 SA dice - Damage Bonus 12


Starting Stats (+8 Stats):

Str 8

Dex 13

Con 17

Int 16

Wis 18 (All Level Ups)

Cha 6


Base Ending Stats (with Racial Completionist):


Str 22

Dex 46

Con 59

Int 40

Wis 88

Cha 42


Progression is important (tougher in heroic due to requirements):  4x Ranger, 2 x Monk (save precision and Zen Archery for monk lives), then mix in fighter and ranger (I did not pay attention) to maximize feat selection.


Feats (IPS is the Trickiest.  You will not get until 11 ranger and not until lvl 18):


1-4 Ranger

5-6 Monk (use 2 ranger if doing lesser TR to remove wizard level from Deep Gnome)

7 Fighter 

8 Ranger

9 Fighter

10 Ranger

11-13 Fighter

14-18 Ranger

19 Fighter

20 Ranger



3 Weapon Focus Ranged

5 Zen Archery (Martial Arts Feat)

6 Adept of Forms

6 Precision (Martial Arts Feat)

7 Power Crit

9 IC Ranged

9 Enchantment Focus

12 Weapon Spec Ranged

12 Master of Forms

15 Empower Healing (Good place to add IPS then swap out before lvl 18)

18 Grand Master of Forms

19 Weapon Focus Thrown

21 Combat Archery

22 Holy Strike

24 Overwhelming Critical

25 Doubleshot

27 Watchful Eye

28 Crush Weakness

30 Greater Spell Focus Enchantment

30 Scion of Feywild

31 Legendary Aim


Favored Enemies: undead, giants... really whatever is the current content, you can rework these by TR or whatever if needed.



Skills: max heal, UMD, search, spot, listen, possibly Perform (for Scion of Feywild)


Spell List (Ranger): 


1st: Jump, pass without a trace

2nd: Barkskin, protection from energy

3rd: wild instincts, neutralize poison



AA: 23 total

Core: 3 

T1: Conjure Arrows, Awareness x 3, Corrosive Arrow

T2: Elemental Damage, dispel shot x1

T3: Terror, Elemental Damage, Wis

T4: Paralyzing, Smiting


Deepwood: 34 total

Core 4

T1: Stealthy x3, Increased Empathy x3

T2: Survivalist, Damage Boost x3

T3: Survivalist, Aimed Shot, Wis

T4: Survivalist, Killer x3, Leg Shot, Wis

T5: Heavy Draw, Strikes Like Lightning


Falconry 24

Core 3

T1: Rugged x3, Out in Nature x3, Practiced Accuracy x2, 

T2: Diving Attack Shot x1, Action Boost: Sprint x1, watch the centerx11

T3: Killer Instinct II, Conditioning, Go for the Eyes x

T4: Deadly Instinct: x3, No Mercy x1



Epic Destiny:


Shiradi Champion (38 to get all T5 and Cores) Shadow Dancer 17 (get T3 Grim Precision x3 and Shadowstriker), Primal Avatar 7 (to get Coccon and T2 Spirit Boon - Mind) = 62 pts




Weapon1: Aerania

Armor: Leg Wildwood Outfit

Goggles: Leg Magewright

Helm: Helm of the Final Watcher

Neck: Family Recruit Sigil

Trinket: Echo of Ravenkind

Cloak: Leg Magewright

Belt: Leg Black Satin Waist - +5 Quality Wis

Ring: Radiant Ring of Taer Valaestos (Slot +2 Feastive Wisdom here)

Ring: Leg Shattered Onyx - Insightful Wis

Gloves: Leg Wildwood Gauntlets

Boots: Leg Deepsnow 

Bracers: Wildwood Wrists (whatever +21 stat you want here)

Quiver: Epic Purifying Quiver blunted ammo


Swaps / clickies: Void (for arrow clickie), neck Legendary Rose Quartz Sigil Stone 3 charges of deathward.

Augments:  Litany of the Dead (+2 profane stats) and (Cruel Cut)  **Note all the other decent Raid Set Bonus ones are artifact bonuses that are covered by Wallwatch Set already so avoid them.



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Posted : Tuesday, April 27, 2021 8:34 am
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Another version would be running Fury of the Wild ED.  No changes to the build beyond ED choices.  Wisdom does drop some as well as ranged power, but you get more DPS for sure with more frequent Fury shots.

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Posted : Tuesday, April 27, 2021 8:50 am
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Looks like I messed up the progression.  I have fixed above, but instead of 7-8 fighter, you need to go 7 fighter, 8 ranger, 9 fighter so you can take IC ranged at lvl 9 with fighter feat and enchantment focus as normal feat.

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Posted : Saturday, May 8, 2021 12:41 pm
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Fixed progression to be able to get manyshot quicker.  Still will need to do a feat swap if you want IPS earlier... which I usually do.

Posted : Sunday, May 23, 2021 7:58 am
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I am currently in Deep Gnome and liking it more than I liked other races including what I thought would be end build of Aasimar Scourge.  You get wisdom in the cores as well as being short to hit more things with IPS targeting.  The passive choices are nice bonus type things like saves and wand/scroll power.  The key here is being short to utilize IPS more effectively.

Posted : Monday, June 14, 2021 8:26 am
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This remained unchanged for U50.  Horizon Walker is a good dps build, but there is not much there for a paralyze build.  At least nothing worth giving up to obtain.

Posted : Monday, October 4, 2021 1:53 pm
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Update pending as all the stats were nerfed u49.  Also, with update 51 there is a feat reconfiguration in epic.

Posted : Friday, November 19, 2021 10:15 am
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Updated for u51


Pending list of Destiny Trees

Posted : Friday, December 17, 2021 5:03 pm