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Nim Notes 6/9/2023

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Nim Notes



Fridays @ 4:


-  Cordovan and Nohbob will be doing a Making Of series on the PAX East dungeon in August, it will be a mix of live and prerecorded footage. The dungeon should be released in December.


-  Balance work is being done in the background: Reaper difficulty balance, Performance updates and a slow working project on the character class premade paths.


- Next week will bring the next patch to the game. Bug fixes, typo fixes, HC toggle rewards bug is being fixed, range attack speed bug, and work for a special sale.


- In two weeks (around June 20th) the first of 2 lamannias for U60 will be up. This Update is going to include the Prepurchase bundle for Vecna Unleashed (U61) and some other stuff that hasn't been revealed.  Macro Technic and other Pre Purchase Bundle Items will be on display. The following week will bring Preview 2 of U60. U60 seems to be slated for early July.


- Dungeon Alerts are being worked on too!




- DDO Bonus Days bring you a +10% XP Boost for every member of your party (not raid group) through June 11th! ALSO: VIPs get an additional +15% VIP XP now through June 14th!


- Summer Sales have returned! New weekly sales through July 13th! This week, get: 30% off +8 Stat Tomes 50% off Tome of Racial Action Points +1 50% off Tome of Universal Enhancement Tree Action Points +1 75% off Select Cosmetic Armor and Warforged Clothing Now through June 15th!


- Back for a limited time: The Tenser's Weapon Box! Available in the DDO Store through June 15th!


- Improve Your Character! Get 25% off: Select Stat and Skill Tomes Tomes of Heroic and Epic Learning Select Enhancement Trees Now through June 15th!


- If this is a Hardcore weekend for you let us know how it goes! The 8th Season of the Hardcore League continues through July 18th! Read more:




- The Staff Tracker is out of order. Though Should be up now.

Posted : Friday, June 9, 2023 4:01 pm